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I remember when I first started as a hostess and the manager said �let me know if you have any questions� and I thought to myself 'how am I supposed to know what to ask?'
Now I Do! With these amazing courses, it allowed me to ask the right questions and move into a server position faster than ever.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Welcome to the Courses:

The following provides a brief description of the courses offered. It is imperative for you to understand how the Food & Beverage operation works and to understand the guest, so the Base Hospitality Course modules must be taken first, followed by each of the other courses in order. The accumulated knowledge is what makes this learning system so effective. Each course is designed with the assumption that you already know the material in the previous course.

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It can take years to understand the operations of a food and beverage establishment and even longer to truly understand the guest. This course will provide you with an overview of the Hospitality Industry and the importance of the guest... [read more]


This course will provide you with the essential knowledge required for the host/ess position, allowing you to be confident in your new surroundings. It will also teach you the specific skills needed to perform the host job quickly and effectively. The Host modules outline a typical day of the host, focusing on the many tips and tricks of the position. ... [read more]


Many of the busser duties require specific skills which these modules will show you. The busser position is an essential supportive role ensuring the service cycle runs smoothly. You will be working closely with many other staff members, so understanding how your role affects others will make you a respected team member... [read more]

Food Runner:

The Food Runner course is essential for those wanting to move into a Server position. You must learn what the menu dishes look like, what the ingredients are and how they are made to be confident when taking orders from guests. You must also learn how to carry plates of food in your hands and on trays... [read more]


Being a professional server can take years. You must learn a lot and be confident when interacting and communicating with the guest. To do this, it is essential you learn all the skills and techniques of the position so it becomes second nature. These modules will provide you with the knowledge and skills that professional servers already know, allowing you to become a successful server quicker than ever... [read more]


Being a bartender in a restaurant, you must be skilled in all the other roles before becoming a bartender. It must be second nature at this point. You must be able to work under stressful situations while maintaining composure as you work directly in front of the guest... [read more]

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